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Whatever your passion we have suitably qualified scientists with research available for funding under our project themes. Contact us for more information.

These exciting projects are now seeking funding:

PENGUIN PURSUITS - A BIRD’s eye view of environmental change

Understanding the penguins’ response to major environmental disruption is key to understanding how the species might react to future changes in the Antarctic ecosystem.

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GOING WITH THE FLOE: using bacterial hitchhikers to better understand Antarctic krill

The Scientific community has an astonishing wealth of information about Antarctic Krill.


KEEPING IT COOL when the temperature is rising

A vital opportunity to discover how Antarctica’s cold-adapted plants and animals survive in warmer environments, and what that means for the future.

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UNLOCKING THE SECRETS of the seabed using ancient dna

New DNA techniques are starting to revolutionise our understanding of changes to marine life in the oceans over thousands of years.


do we risk losing a krill-based antarctic ecosystem?

Antarctic krill embody the phrase ‘good things come in small packages’.

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A free online course will improve public understanding of Antarctica and engage a new generation of learners.



Advances in technology are helping scientists respond to fuel spills and preserve the health of Antarctica’s soils.

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  • 18% of your contribution to projects will go towards the operations of the Antarctic Science Foundation.