The 32

The Antarctic Science Foundation would like to sincerely thank the following individuals for their support:

  1. Frederik Paulsen

  2. Troy Guenther

  3. Tony Press

  4. Scott & Sharon Wyatt

  5. Norman McKay

  6. Robert Rockefeller

  7. Prystynne Alexander

  8. Melanie Van Twest

  9. Gloria Harm

  10. Scott Newton

  11. Dick & Pip Smith

  12. Jennifer Byrne & Andrew Denton

  13. Anonymous

  14. Emma Johnston & Sam Maresh

  15. Richard Ferguson

We would also like to thank Rengin Guner at for crafting the beautiful pins each member of The 32 will receive as a thank you for their support.

There still some spaces remaining in our Donors’ club, what number will you be? Contact us to discuss.