Photo: Tas Van Ommen / Australian Antarctic Division


Why Support Antarctic Research?

Magnificent and wild, and almost twice the size of Australia, Antarctica is the coldest, highest, driest and windiest continent in the world.  Its land mass is covered with ice up to 4 km thick in some places with only small areas of exposed rock around the coastline.

The Antarctic, subantarctic and Southern Ocean environments are important laboratories supporting our understanding of the global earth system.   At a time where there are so many extreme weather events effecting communities around the world, it is more important than ever that we support world class research to strengthen our understanding of the Antarctic region and its profound global impact.  

While national governments undertake research in Antarctica, their budgets are increasingly being needed to support the operations and logistics of working in such a harsh environment.  Your contribution to the Antarctic Science Foundation, enables leverage of these operational resources and the scale and amount of research undertaken in the Antarctic region to increase, providing greater scientific insights, sooner, and supporting humanities capacity to respond to change.   Philanthropic support will enable:  

  • Studies of the atmosphere above Antarctica and how it influences the region and the global climate.

  •  Our ability to protect the wonderful environment, wildlife and unique ecosystems of the Antarctic, subantarctic islands and Southern Ocean through conservation and management.

  •  Development of innovative technology to conduct remarkable polar research

  • Public education on the importance of protecting the region and the critical role of these environments on the global climate system

  •  Strong environmental stewardship practices.

In order to care for future generations and make the best decisions about the future of our planet we need to better understand and protect the Antarctic, subantarctic and Southern Ocean regions.