Photo: Kerry Steinberner / Australian Antarctic Division

32/107 Founding Donors' Club

In 1911, 32 adventurers set out to explore Antarctica. In 2019, 32 adventurers will help provide the funds to save it.

107 years ago geologist Douglas Mawson departed from Hobart on his remarkable 1911-1914 Australasian Expedition to Antarctica. The celebrated journey is famous for the courage and endurance of its 32 expeditioners.   Antarctic heroes and pioneers for science, they made significant accomplishments in in geology, glaciology, meteorology and terrestrial biology. These men had no idea what discoveries lay ahead, but they were committed to scientific discovery and excited to embark on this once in a lifetime adventure. 

Like Mawson, we are looking for bold souls with a passion for saving the world through Antarctic Science to join us on our journey to build the Antarctic Science Foundation as a vibrant driver for advancing Antarctic research, conservation and global understanding.


THE 32

32 places have been reserved for those who wish to be permanently recognised as founding contributors of the Antarctic Science Foundation.  If you would like the distinctive honour of being our first explorers,  be among the first 32 to invest $10,000 or more to the Foundation’s operations.  Your benefits include; 

  • Lifetime Founding Donor recognition at all significant Foundation activities

  • You or your designate will be named in every Annual Report and on our website as one of the 32 Founding Donors, with the number of your donation recorded.

  • You’ll receive a specially crafted pin, noting the number of your donation.

  • You’ll be invited to all events and have reserved seats.

  • As we grow our activities, you’ll be the first to know.

The Antarctic Science Foundation will accept pledges of $10,000 or more for donors to be recognised as lifetime members of The 32.


THE 107

An opportunity of receiving membership to this exclusive lifetime Founding Donors’ Club for a one-off gift of a $1,000 or more will support the operations of the foundation.  Your benefits include;

  • You’ll be invited to a special 32/107 event each year.

  • You’ll receive a certificate of appreciation.

  • You or your designate will be named on our website as a 32/107 founding donor until December 2020.

  • As we grow our activities, you’ll be the first to know.



To be part of the 32/107 Founding Donors’ Club you need to make your donation before the end of 2019.  All donations are tax deductible. Please contact us if you wish to be a Founding Donor.