Photo: Kerry Steinberner / Australian Antarctic Division


The Antarctic Science Foundation invests in courageous science to protect and build understanding about the Antarctic natural environment and its global impact for future generations. 

Antarctica is the engine-room of the planet’s climate and the crystal ball for our future.  Help us unlock its secrets.

We’re looking for ten trailblazing companies to come with us on our journey to become the world leading global research foundation for investment in iconic Antarctic, subantarctic and Southern Ocean research and priority science.  

Trailblazers10 companies value endeavour, discovery and scientific knowledge and recognise that governments can’t always find the answers alone.

Corporate Supporter Benefits:

 Trailblazers is an exclusive program for only ten companies, benefits include:

  •  Lifetime recognition as a Trailblazer at Foundation events.

  • Acknowledgement and logo in every Annual Report, on our website, on social media and in other significant publications.

  • You’ll be invited to attend all events of the Foundation and receive reserved seats at ticketed events.

  • As we grow our activities and launch new projects and opportunities, you’ll be the first to be informed and given opportunities to participate.

  • We can provide testimonials about the value of your support to the Antarctic Science Foundation.


Be one of only ten companies to join our Trailblazers10 Corporate Supporter Program, for as little as $20k annually for five years you can invest in a global science movement to preserve Antarctica.  

All donations are tax deductible.


Please contact us for more information on this exclusive program.